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Our Mission:

The mission of Branch Management Tree Services is to provide quality tree care services to residential, governmental, and commercial clients in the South West area. Our goal is to ensure safe practices while enhancing the owners property investment. We are a business that values our workers and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision:

Branch Management Tree Services sets a high standard in client education, worker safety, and principled business practices in the tree care industry. Our success will enable our Clients to reach their personal satisfaction through an enhanced landscape environment of their property.


International Society of Arboriculture

Arizona Landscape Contractors Association

Arizona Community Tree Council, Inc.

Certified Tree Care Safety Professional

Tree Care Industry Association

US Forest Service

The Bear Story

The Bear StoryBears are amongst one of the most adaptable and versatile mammals on earth; their behavior stirs awe, wonder and curiosity as well as fear in the best of us; all of which can also be said about trees. During winter the bear will go to a cave or to hollow tree trunk to hibernate, not because of the cold, but because there is a lack of sufficient food to be found in the winter.

During hibernation the bear can lose upwards of 40% of its body weight – burning their fat for fuel – they don’t eat or drink. Their oxygen consumption is reduced by half. When the bear emerges from its long winter nap, it is in a walking stupor for the first two to three weeks, after this time though it is excessively hungry and thirsty. The bear is genetically programmed to hibernate; even if food were offered during this time; it would be refused.

Trees go through a process similar to that of the bear’s hibernation called dormancy. Much like hibernation dormant trees literally shut down for the winter. The tree’s metabolism, energy consumption and growth are reduced. Much as is the case with the bear, dormancy is a tree’s natural tendency, which should not be evaded since it can dramatically increase a tree’s lifespan.

Trees, much like the bear, have winter dormancy for a reason that is best left to its own accord. When the tree awakens in the spring, it will then need to be replenished with the necessary nutrients, and trimmed in order to achieve core strength once again. At Branch Management Tree Service, our tree health care and preventative maintenance work to promote good, strong root health ensuring your tree’s longevity.

Preventive Maintenance Pays Off!

By opting to have tree trimming services performed regularly by Branch Management Tree Service, you can expect your tree to remain healthy, and provide you with everlasting beauty.

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