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Deep Root Fertilization Services

Your trees live in the desert and they require fertilizer, oxygen, and water, which aren’t available in the desert. Deep root fertilization is a must in ensuring the survival of your trees.

Is my Property in need of Fertilization?

How Deep Root Fertilization Works?

What are the benefits of fertilizing my property?

Deep Root Fertilization in Arizona Benifits

Nutrient Boosting

Deep Root Fertilization Services will enhance the overall Nutrients of your trees.

Tree Removal Prevention

 We service all the trees on your property that require a nutrient boost with a deep root fertilization service. If a tree  goes untreated, it can lead to the tree’s death.

Enhance Pest Resistance

Deep Root Fertilization can lead to pest resistance, the ability to resist Diseases, and Environmental Stress.


Fertilization is good and healthy for promoting plant growth and crop yield. When it comes to fertilizing trees in Arizona, the main reason can be the maintenance of proper tree health. Essential plant nutrients known as nitrogen, Phosphorus, and potassium can be connected directly to the deep root to endorse proper tree health. Surrounding plants and shrubs may utilize nutrients that a tree would need otherwise. Crowded landscapes, and drought can lead to a skeletal tree. Fertilization is suitable for all living plants, shrubs, trees, and more. Although, trees often require an artificial service to stay healthy.


Deep Root Tree Fertilization includes producing and delivering nutrients to the roots of any tree utilizing our professional-grade equipment. The process is complete with the intention of successful tree revival. Our certified and local crew performs the procedure. Ensuring that a tree has a healthy amount of nutrients is what is required in the health and longevity of a tree. When it comes to fertilization on mature trees, it is even more important. The delivery of nutrients by injection directly into the deep root has the highest success rate in all types of fertilization services. Bypassing the soil and debris around the root and attacking the source is super efficient. Call our experts today to learn more about our services.


 It can be unclear when deciding if your property requires Deep Root Fertilization services on your own. Some companies can be misleading regarding a landscape diagnosis. If you are considering a Deep Root Fertilization service by AZ Tree Doctor, here are some things to look for around your property.

  • – Poor Tree Growth
  • – Yellowing Leaves
  • – Pest Infection
  • – Poor Surrounding Soil
  • – Dead Leaves at Tree Base 

If you notice any of those symptoms in your yard, call us. It is more than likely that your trees may need a push in nutrients. Deep Root Tree Fertilization is the nutrient boost service required to bring those trees back to life. 


Improved plant growth can be an effect of Deep Tree Fertilization Services by AZ Tree Doctor. Branch Management Tree Services Fertilization Experts also see an improvement in the overall curb appeal of serviced properties. When your trees become healthier, their colors flourish. You may also see an enhanced resistance to pests and diseases. Overall, fertilization can improve the aesthetic of your entire landscape. When a tree is injected with the proper nutrients, it becomes healthy enough to produce nutrients for its surrounding green life.

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Deep Root Fertilization Services in Arizona, U.S.

Deep root fertilization is the process of injecting high quality nutrients into your trees’ root zone while under pressure. The injection begins just below the surface and goes to total depth of 12 to 14”. Each injection site is strategically placed 2 to 3’ feet apart in a grid pattern under your trees’ canopy area and beyond its drip line for maximum results.

It is recommended that when utilizing deep root fertilization solutions, the process be repeated twice a year, in order to better assist in your trees overall health. By repeating this process you are also helping your tree defend itself against insect infestations and common tree diseases.

Deep Root Tree Fertilization Professionals of Arizona

Wherever oxygen, nutrients and moisture are present you are sure to find roots. By having deep root fertilization services performed at minimum twice a year, you are improving your soil’s oxygen content, aeration and nutrient levels, which help to improve environmental conditions in and around your trees roots.

For more information on the formulation of our fertilizer, please feel free to contact us. Considering that each tree is different than the next, our certified arborists may make amendments to the mixture we most often utilize, as is commonly the case whenever nutrient deficiencies or health concerns are present.

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